Paramedics go above and beyond to help elderly couple in New Bedford

NEW BEDFORD, Mass. (WLNE) — When you think of a snowstorm, you may think about the plow drivers who have been operating nonstop and the line crews working to restore power, but what about first responders?

This story was originally published on Feb. 13th, 2024 on

25-year-old Andrea Garcia works with New Bedford Emergency Medical Services and was tasked with covering a 24-hour shift through the snow and slush on Tuesday.

“Today was a very busy day,” Garcia said. “And the snow made it a little bit harder.”

Garcia and her partner, Alan Kocak, responded to an elderly couple’s home in South End on Tuesday morning, marking their first call of the day.

“When we were there, we noticed that the wife, which was not the patient…was just a little bit distraught about the situation,” Garcia said. “She was nervous.”

After Garcia and Kocak took care of the patient, they wanted to do more to help and asked the wife if they could shovel the driveway.

“I said ‘Yeah, as long as you have two shovels, because we don’t carry shovels in the truck’ and she gave us two shovels, Garcia said. “And we just shoveled her driveway and made a little path for her.”

It was a small gesture that went a long way.

“She was like ‘Oh my god you guys are so helpful…you guys were placed here, you guys are my angles,'” Garcia said. “It made me feel good. My partner said the same thing, it made him feel good.”

Garcia says that on a day like Tuesday, it is easy to get discouraged, but going above and beyond keeps her moving.

“There are times that I’m like ‘Why did I pick this job’…especially if we’re super busy,” Garcia said. “And then when I did that I was like ‘this is why I picked this job.'”

Garcia says she grew up watching her mom shovel an elderly neighbor’s driveway each time it snowed.

Now she’s seizing her chance to pay it forward.

This story was originally published on Feb. 13th, 2024 on